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Vermiculite Loose Fill  - 1
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Vermiculite Loose Fill  - 3

Vermiculite Loose Fill

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  • Mineral-based, non-toxic, natural loose fill
  • Lightweight and fibre free
  • Suitable for packaging hazardous goods
  • Fireproof & highly absorbent
  • Versatile, with various uses including packaging for export
  • Bag size 100 litre
  • Sold and priced per bag
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Detailed description

Versatile loose fill offering great insulation and protection

This mineral based natural loose fill is a great solution for exporters looking for reliable protection for their products.  This versatile loose fill offers great insulation qualities, durability and is eco-conscious.  Vermiculite loose fill flows effortlessly into the smallest gaps and spaces to provide maximum protection and insultation coverage for your products during transit.

 Its highly absorbent nature makes this product an ideal choice for packaging liquids, and other items that could leak, ensuring your products arrive intact and undamaged.  Additional benefits include its suitability to protect hazardous goods, is fireproof and incredibly lightweight.

 Beyond packaging, Vermiculite has a multitude of uses, including insultation for lofts, a soilless growing environment or filtering waste water and absorbing hazardous liquids for disposal. 

 Upgrade your packaging with our vermiculite loose fill, or for more information contact our packaging specialists on 0800 542 44 28.

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