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Eco-responsible retail & gift packaging

Gift packaging with a clear conscience.

Beautifully presented gifts and products are important to you and your customers. It’s what separates a thoughtful gift from a rushed, generic one. And as a business, your product presentation is a chance to stand out from the crowd. Showcasing your green credentials with eco gift wrap is a simple, effective way to ensure you have happy customers, and a healthy planet.

How to wrap gifts in an eco-friendly way?

Gift wrapping is traditionally used only once, and at the end of a special occasion there can be a small mountain of waste materials to throw away. Clever eco gift wrap swaps can be as simple as using recyclable wrapping paper, tissue paper, or a reusable gift bag in place of traditional gift wrap. Here are some other eco gift wrapping ideas to get you started:

Swap plastic carrier bags for paper gift bags

Our 100% recycled gift bags, such as our Kraft paper carrier bags, are a perfect alternative to plastic-based gift bags. Their classic rope-style handles are in fact made from twisted paper, making these bags effortless to recycle. We stock them in natural, black and white finishes, and a huge range of sizes too.

Choose reusable, sturdy boxes to package gifts

If you need robust protection, our magnetic Kraft gift boxes are simple to use, recyclable, and made from 80% recycled materials. Perfect for giving you an environmentally friendly way to save time on packing your items.

Add decorative flourish with biodegradable plastic alternatives

When you’re finished, you can tie everything together using our natural and biodegradable raffia plait. Made from natural plant fibres, it’s great for giving your gifts and products an authentic, personalised touch.

Is there eco gift wrap for specialist and unusually shaped products?

Eco gift wrapping is a great place to start when making the switch to eco-responsible packaging, but we know it can be challenging if you can’t find eco gift wrap to fit your products. That's why we stock everything you need to wrap your customer’s gifts and orders beautifully and sustainably, including products with a unique shape.

This includes wine bottle gift boxes, protective cardboard bottle sleeves, and bottle presentation boxes. For jewellery and trinkets, we stock pillow gift boxes and Kraft paper bags with windows in a range of sizes. We even carry a selection of mug boxes so you can safely transport these classic souvenirs.

For items with odd angles or delicate edges, it’s important to protect them from damage while they’re on the move. Wrap your products in recyclable tissue paper, and fill any gaps around the item with our 80% recycled crinkle cut shredded paper to protect it in transit.

Alongside our packaging for more unusually shaped items, our range of tissue paper, eco gift wrapping paper, paper gift bags, and gift boxes give you the flexibility to beautifully wrap gifts of any size or shape.

Need help making the switch to eco-responsible packaging?

We’re here to help. We have plenty of information and advice to help you figure out what you need. When you’re ready to make the switch, we supply the eco gift wrap UK businesses are looking for.

We’re committed to helping businesses source their packaging eco-responsibly. Contact our packaging experts for advice on what environmentally friendly packaging is the best fit for you and your business.

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