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  • Tall postal box for plants - 1
  • Tall postal box for plants - 2
Tall postal box for plants - 1
Tall postal box for plants - 2

Tall postal box for plants

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  • Supportive insert fits potted plants up to 165mm in diameter
  • Protective double wall cardboard
  • Easy to grip handles for effortless handling
  • Quick tear tap for easy unboxing
  • Made from 85% recycled raw materials
  • Sold in packs, priced per box
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Detailed description

Protecting your plants every step of the way!

Introducing our tall postal box designed specifically for plants! This packaging is not only environmentally responsible, with 85% recycled materials, but it also ensures the safe handling and delivery of your precious plants. With dimensions that can accommodate plants up to 1060mm in height, this box is perfect for a variety of plant sizes.

The quick assembly feature of this box makes it a breeze to set up. With its semi-automatic assembly design, you can easily and efficiently put the box together, saving you time and effort. The protective nature of this box ensures that your plants are shielded from any potential damage during transit.

One of the standout features of this box is the convenient opening on the front. This allows for easy insertion and removal of your plants, making the packing and unpacking process hassle-free. The double wall cardboard construction provides extra durability and strength, ensuring that your plants are well-protected throughout transit.

To further support your plants, this box comes with an insert that securely hold pots up to 1650mm in diameter. This insert adds an extra layer of stability and protection, giving you peace of mind knowing that your plants will arrive in perfect condition.

The reinforced closure ensures that your parcel stays securely closed during transportation, while a quick tear tab provides easy opening. With our tall postal box for plants, you can confidently ship your plants knowing that they will be well-protected and arrive in pristine condition.