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Laminated Paper Gift Bags

Create the perfect impression with our laminated paper gift bags

Laminated gift bags bring luxury and colour to your gift packaging. With an assortment of vibrant colours and various sizes to choose from, laminated gift bags are a simple, bold way to package your products and gifts. We stock laminated gift bags wholesale and in smaller quantities, perfect for craft sellers or seasonal gift packaging.

What finishes can laminated gift bags have?

Choose from a matt or gloss finish to suit your products and brand story. Matt lamination offers a vibrant block of colour, while remaining relatively understated. Sometimes, however, muted and refined just won’t do.

For saturated colour, high-shine and glamour, choose a gloss laminated gift bag. Customising your laminated paper gift bags with your logo, branding or other artwork is easy too, just head to our custom bags page to start the process.

What types of handles can laminated gift bags have?

As a tangible way in which customers interact with your brand, ensuring your laminated gift bags are comfortable to carry is a way of showing that you care about your customer’s experience. Certain handle styles are stronger than others too, and so more suitable for carrying heavier items.

Choosing the right handle type for your products doesn’t need to be complicated, however. Ribbon handles are elegant and work best with lighter products like cosmetic products. Best suited for reasonably lightweight items, they give your gift wrapping a luxury look and feel.

If you are packaging heavier items, rope handles are a better fit as they are more robust and designed to take more strain. Thicker rope handles, such as found on our monochrome laminated gift bags, also help stop the handles digging into your customer’s fingers.

How strong are laminated gift bags?

Ranging from 157 gsm to 250 gsm paper, the thickness of the paper used to construct a laminated gift bag plays a big part in determining how strong that bag is. For example, our 157 gsm white laminated gift bags with a window are perfect for displaying candles or cosmetics. They have a reinforced cardboard base to give them added strength, but using them for heavier items risks it tearing, leaving you with customers frustrated with their purchase and with your business.

Laminated gift bags are generally more durable than regular gift bags, being shower proof thanks to their protective laminate layer. Unlaminated paper gift bags often use thinner paper too, such as 90 gsm or 110 gsm, compared to laminated gift bags.

Find everything you need in one place

Reinvigorate your gift packaging and improve your customer’s experience with our range laminated gift bags. You can find everything you need to complete your gift wrapping too, from colourful cushioning tissue paper to decorative ribbons.

Have a gift bag idea in mind but can’t find what you’re looking for? Speak to our team of packaging specialists by calling 0800 542 44 28 for friendly, expert advice.

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