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Coloured Paper Bags

Get your products noticed with our coloured paper bags

Improve the presentation of retail items or gifts with our range of large and small coloured paper bags. With a selection of bags are available in different sizes and colours, so you can easily find packaging that will highlight your brand.

Why choose coloured paper bags?

Upmarket and environmentally friendly coloured paper bags help ensure that the presentation of your product is as good as the product itself. A coloured paper bag is an inexpensive, eco-friendly and impactful way to add a personal touch to your product presentation. And because they’re greener than plastic bag alternatives, your customers can go home happy that they’re being responsible consumers. Whether you need coloured paper bags wholesale, for retail, or even for hobbies, we stock a range of sizes, styles and colours to suit your needs.

Ensure a safe journey home for your products

Where a plastic bag won’t do, colourful paper bags can give your products a luxury touch. But there’s no need to compromise on the strength of the bag or the safety of your products once they leave your premises. Our coloured paper carrier bags are available with extra strong twist handles with reinforced patches. For lighter items, our flat folded handle paper bags are reliable and comfortable to carry.

Add personality to your packaging

For jewellery, confectionery and other small, loose items, our counter top bags are ideal. Available in intricate patterned and geometric designs, they are perfect for adding interest and personality to your packaging. Choose from classic candy stripe, geometric and polka dot patterns in our counter top bag range. We also stock counter top coloured Kraft paper bags in a range of bright and muted colours to complement your brand profile or shop theme.

Our coloured paper bags with handles are available in multiple sizes, a wide range of patterns and block colours too so you can match your packaging across larger and smaller items. For brands with an eco-friendly ethos, our ribbed Kraft paper carrier bags combine a bold colour exterior with a natural interior to create a luxury looking bag with a rustic touch. And with our custom printed paper bags, you can gain recognition for your brand long after your customer has left your shop.

Are coloured paper bags eco-responsible

Adding colourful paper bags to your packaging options is great for your business, and the environment. Paper bags are a recognisably green, eco-friendly choice. The majority of our coloured paper bags are either recyclable or recycled, so they can help you do your bit for the planet. Our grass fibre coloured Kraft paper bags are sustainably sourced, helping put your socially responsible ethos at the forefront of your brand. Printed using natural dyes, our counter top bags are perfect for businesses with customers that value authenticity.

Look out for our handy eco-responsible labels across our product range to help you easily identify products with exemplary green credentials. You can find out more information about how to recycle paper bags correctly on our blog. We’ve also produced a guide on our most asked recycling questions.

We also offer coloured paper bags wholesale at a discount. Order now online or speak to one of our friendly packaging experts on 0800 542 44 28.

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