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Pallet load stabilisation

Secure pallet loads in transit with cost-effective PROPABLANK® dunnage air bags. An excellent alternative to cargo anchors, the bags are designed to fill the spaces between goods. Manufactured completely in polyethylene, these tough air bags can be recycled for easy disposal. And once they are inflated, the space is essentially 95% air, and only 5% polyethylene. That means that they are versatile to suit most international transportation laws. Once the goods have reached their destination, all your customers need to do is to cut the bags and then dispose of them. They also can be folded and tucked away before use, freeing up room in warehouses and stock rooms.

Simple to use. Place them into the empty spaces around or between your pallets and inflate them using the dedicated valve and inflator air gun. Once inflated, the air bags help to reduce load instability and prevent damage cause by unnecessary impacts. That makes them a versatile void fill option for different types of shipping containers.

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