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Cast Stretch Film Hand Rolls, 30% Recycled

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  • Easy application as the cast stretch film sticks only to itself
  • Transparent film for simple identification
  • Black film for confidential contents
  • Choose from multiple thicknesses for different load weights
  • Please note, due to recycled content, colour may vary from that shown
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Detailed description

Economical and reliable stabilisation

Use our 30% recycled cast stretch film hand rolls to stabilise palletised products. Our high-performance stretch film is perfect for protecting pallets from moisture and dust while they sit in storage or travel to their destination. The stretch wrap only sticks to itself which makes application simple. For easy content identification in the workplace, our transparent stretch film options are the perfect choice. Alternatively, use our black stretch film to ensure your contents remain confidential.

Available in 4 thicknesses to suit your needs. For light-duty pallet loads, our 15 micron stretch film is ideal for loads up to 250kg. For medium-duty pallet loads, our 17 micron option can ensure your products remain secure. Use the 20 micron heavy duty stretch film for pallet loads up to 700kg, or the 30 micron choice for any weight up to 800kg. Manufactured from 30% recycled low-density polyethylene, our cast stretch hand rolls are perfect for any workplace looking for economical pallet security.


Our product advice

This product is designed to wrap standard, uniformed pallets that have no overhanging or protruding elements.

RFC15: Maximum load of the pallet = 250kg

RFC17: Maximum load of the pallet = 500kg

RFC20: Maximum load of the pallet = 700kg

RFD20: Maximum load of the pallet = 700kg

RFDB30: Maximum load of the pallet = 800kg