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Cast stretch film

Secure pallet contents with cast stretch film

Our range of cast stretch wrap is designed to stabilise the products on your pallets without damaging the packaging. Available in different sizes and strengths, it is one of the types of stretch wrap that’s perfect for enhancing a business’ warehouse operations by keeping products safe and secure. Cast films are strong and it sticks only to itself, which makes it quieter than other films. That makes it perfect for busy warehouses where there are high volumes of packaging and palletising.

Versatile and able to cling to different sized pallets and products the need of other products, our high performance cast films are ideal for wrapping food items and keeping them free from external elements.

Colour – you may not think that the colour of your cast stretch film is important, but depending on your products, choosing something opaque is ideal for keeping contents confidential. Our coloured stretch wrap is available in 4 different colours and is perfect for security and also for colour coding pallets in a warehouse. Alternatively, if confidentiality isn’t your concern, then a roll of film like our Extra-wide cast stretch film is transparent which allows for quick product identification.

Hand vs Machine – Depending on the volumes your business sends out pallets, boxes and cartons, the way you dispense pallet wrap is important for maximising warehouse efficiency. For smaller boxes, our 100mm mini-rolls can stretch up to 3 times their original length while leaving no sticky residue behind. Supplied with an ergonomic dispenser they can are ideal for securing a small load during transportation. If you’re looking to wrap pallets in lower volumes, then using a cast stretch film roll with an extended cardboard core gives you a lightweight, portable option. For higher volumes, utilising one of our cast stretch film machines is ideal for applying machine stretch film to your pallets and packages on a larger scale.

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At RAJA, we’re dedicated to ensuring your business is a success. By establishing a robust cast stretch film line in your business, especially for medium to large volumes, you can keep up with customer demand especially during peak periods. Cast stretch film is perfect for reducing packaging costs thanks to its versatility and ability to adhere to itself.

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