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Extended core, pre-stretched blown film

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  • Pre-stretched blown film with extended cores
  • Uses up to 50% less film than standard film
  • Film will not slacken off after wrapping
  • Easy to apply, the wrap secures loads effectively
  • Sold in packs, priced per roll
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Detailed description

The easy to apply stretch solution

Pre-stretched blown stretch film rolls with extended cores use up to 50% less film when wrapping a pallet than standard stretch film as the width does not decrease when the film is applied. The 600M rolls need renewing less often making them cost effective.

As the film is already pre-stretched it requires less tension and can be used quickly and easily. This stretch wrap is easy to apply, the wrap secures loads effectively to the pallet and will not slacken off after wrapping. Your pallets will not lose shape and your goods will stay protected. Using less means less to dispose of, helping to comply with packaging waste regulations.

Pallet quantity: 240. Sold in packs of 6, priced per roll.

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