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Packing benches and work benches

Create packing space anywhere with our compact packing benches.

What is a packing bench?

Some might called it a workstation, a packing bench, or a packing station – all of these terms describe a central multi-purpose unit for you to pack and prepare parcels to be shipped and sent efficiently.

More than a standard bench or table, we host a variety of packing benches and stations with add-on accessories that can be combined together to customise your packaging operation, whether you’re wrapping, blocking, bracing or sealing for maximum efficiency.

Are your packing benches flat-packed?

Yes. They’re all self-assembly.

Main uses:

For use in workshops, warehouses and offices, packing benches can be used for a variety of packing operations. Ideal for product assembly, maintenance, and despatch personnel, they’re a fuss-free solution to optimising your warehouse.

Key benefits:

Packing benches and workstations are a fantastic way to create efficiency and optimise operations in your warehouse. Quick and efficient production and warehouse operation means you can get product out of your warehouse and on the road to customers quickly and securely.

Having a centralised, organised space, means you can utilise working and storage areas for a safe and tidy workplace. Being compliant with health and safety procedures is an important facet of any business, and packing benches can help you do exactly that.

Now, more than ever it is important to consider the needs of your workforce. You can support this by opting for ergonomic designs with adjustable heights for example, or by investing into add-on accessories like anti fatigue mats- suitable for periods of long-standing. Not only will these choices improve the work environment for operatives, it will also help to minimise injury and downtime for your business; improving overall efficiency.

Many of our workstations are customisable, so you can build your packing station according to your needs. If your operation grows rapidly for example, and you need to grow to keep up with that demand, you can combine two workstations to keep up. We stock useful upgrades and accessories like overhead lights and extended accessory posts that allow you to expand your packaging department as and when you need it. Why not add on a simple layflat tubing dispenser for fast packing, or louvre storage bins for organised picking?

If you’re looking for something simpler for smaller operations, at RAJA we have that too. With everything from practical, entry level workspace solutions and budget workbenches, to workstation kits with everything you need at your fingertips, you can tailor your business production accordingly.

Not sure which workbench or workstation to use for your business needs? Head over to our handy Product Guide: Workbenches vs. Workstations at the RAJA Blog.

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