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Women & the Environment

Questions and answers

What is the Action Programme?

Founded in 2006 under the aegis of the Fondation de France, the RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation supports charitable projects. The Women and Environment Action Programme was created to support vulnerable women who are at risk of violence, injustice and poverty throughout the world. For every eco-friendly product purchased in the Action Programme £1 will be donated to the chosen charities. Since the campaign was launched in September 2015, 345 projects and more than 78,000 women have received help and support.

Key figures of the Action Programme

12 eco-friendly products participating
in the programme

The Group's
8 countries

are participating

5 charities

The Action will
last for 6 months
until February 2018

No price increase
to the packaging products

Total funds raised
will be donated to the charities

Why this Action Programme?

At RAJA we believe companies have a responsibility and a duty to society and the environment. The "Women and Environment" Action Programme represents the commitments and values of RAJA, and since 2006 RAJA has supported the Foundation to helping the many projects throughout the world.

Warum dieses Aktionsprogramm?

How does this Action Programme work?

From every single purchase made from the selected “eco-friendly” range, £1 from each pack will be donated to fund the chosen community project. The Foundation will benefit from the financial support generated from all purchases made from the selected range.

Wie wurden die Projekte ausgewählt?

How are the projects chosen?

The charities and the community projects have been selected by the Executive Committee of the RAJA Foundation. The committee chose projects based on its values and goals, and with the ability to have an international reach that the RAJA Foundation is also able to provide under the programme.

Why are the projects not in Europe?

Developing countries are more dependent on raw materials and the environment, and their basic needs and daily activities are more dependent on natural resources. It is important they are able to improve their own living conditions and are able to contribute to the protection of the environment and help fight against climate change.

Warum wurden dies Verpackungslösungen für die Aktion gewählt?

Why this range of packaging?

In partnership with its suppliers, RAJA selected 12 products that are 100% recyclable. These ecological products are made from renewable resources (cardboard or paper) or made of recycled material and once used they can be recycled again.

Are there changes to the cost of the products participating in the Action Programme?

There are no increases to the prices of the products involved in the programme.

Paris 2015 - COP 21

How much will be donated to each charity?

All the funds raised by RAJA from the programme will be donated to the charities according to the needs of the projects and its action.