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  • Totebox Attached Lid Containers
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Totebox Attached Lid Containers

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  • Available in 80L or 135L capacity
  • Compatible with ToteBox tamper evident security seals
  • With hinged attached lid, heavy-duty, impact resistant 
  • Can stack up to 7 containers high, and carry a 35kg unit load 
  • Containers nest by up to 78% to save valuable space 
  • A Totebox Original product with a 2-year guarantee (made by Totebox in the UK)
  • Industrial-strength polypropylene (PP) made from recycled plastic, EcoTotes are “Plastic Tax” exempt
  • Sold and priced per container
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Detailed description

Perfect for storage and distribution

Fresh from the original Totebox range, this range of EcoTote attached lid containers includes a variety of different sizes to suit your storage and transportation needs. Designed with innovative vertical sides for maximum storage, each is made from industrial strength polypropylene (PP) and is fully recyclable when no longer needed.

Made from robust recycled plastic that is easy to wipe clean, these containers are ideal for heavy duty environments. Great value, and suitable for many types of business and applications, they’re a versatile storage solution.

As they are made from recycled plastic, the range is exempt from the UK Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT), and as part of The Original Totebox range, these containers come with a 2-year guarantee (manufactured in the UK).

Ideal for use across industry, including warehouse, workshops, storage units and more - see product advice for further details. 

Available in:

80L capacity

  • 710 x 460 x 368mm (external dimensions)
  • 597 x 374 x 330mm (internal dimensions)

135L capacity

  • 1125 x 480 x 360mm (external dimensions)
  • 1000 x 360 x 340mm (internal dimensions)

For full details see table.

Our product advice

If you're looking for a storage solution that also offers maximum security, the EcoTote attached lid containers range is for you. For tamper evident security, the hinged lid inhibits theft when fitted with a security seal at both ends. Shop compatible tamper evident security seals to secure valuable loads today. 

If space-saving in your warehouse is a concern, these strong and impact-resistant containers typically stack x7 high carrying a 35kg unit load and nest by up to 78% to save valuable space on return transport too. 

To find out more about the UK Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT), visit: gov.uk.