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Plastic pallets

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  • Space saving design to maximise warehouse space
  • Extremely tough, resistant to acids, chemicals, solvents
  • Conforms to exportation standards without any treatment
  • Manufactured from recycled polypropylene
  • Priced per pallet, sold in packs of 5 pallets
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Detailed description

Stackable and re-usable

These plastic pallets are lightweight and very safe to use. They naturally conform to exportation standards without needing any extra treatment. Made from 100% Recycled HDPE, pallets are extremely tough and are resistant to acids, chemicals, solvents, and temperature changes from -20°C to +60°C.

The nestable, space-saving design allows them to be stacked to maximise your valuable space in warehouses or packing rooms. Can be shipped to any international destination. Call our product experts on 0800 542 44 28 to find out more. 





Technical specification

Our product advice

Why is good palletisation essential?

Palletising is a key stage in the export process and offers a number if advantages in terms of logistics, transport and goods management. Ease of handling, optimising storage and transport space all benefit your business, but what's more, palletising enhances the protection of the goods themselves, as they are less exposed to risk of damage. 

By creating a stable base, palletising reduces the risk of slipping or falling during transit. Additionally, it saves time when preparing orders, or when loading or unloading goods.