Opti-seal industrial heat sealer accessories

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  • Optional accessories to improve production
  • Stand with foot pedal and film holder
  • Work table and adjustable bag support
  • For 400m & 600mm width Opti-seal heat sealers
  • Sold per item
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work table and bag support for S420 113.50
work table and bag support for S620 150.66
stand, foot pedal and film holder for S420 240.45
stand, foot pedal and film holder for S620 256.96
Detailed description

Add features to your Opti-seal heat sealer

These additional accessories enable you to create an efficient sealing station for the Opti-seal industrial heat sealer. On the stand, foot pedal and film holder the film holder allows tubing to be easily and smoothly dispensed; the foot pedal facilitates hands free sealing operation for increased productivity, and the stand elevates the heat sealer to a working height suitable for a sit down operation.

On the work table and bag support, these two accessories support the products whilst the bags are being sealed to ensure the packs are a consistent size. The bag support is also adjustable for different bag lengths. These additional accessories are available in two sizes, one for the 400m sealer S420 and one for the 600mm sealer S620. Please note the Opti-seal heat sealer is sold separately.

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Sold per item.

Please allow 2-3 days delivery for references HG1289 and HG1353.

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