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Maximise space for smooth courier service

Save time on packaging and meet your customer’s delivery expectations with our range of Hermes courier sized cardboard boxes. These boxes are perfect form any e-commerce business that is looking to send a variety of shapes to their customers. RAJA can provide 6 different sizes to choose from. That means you can send both long products, like floor lamps, to shorter products, like household items such as kettles or toasters. All while staying within the 2450mm volume threshold set by Hermes. With boxes designed to suit your needs, you can minimise wasted space while making the most of your courier fees. Made from brown double wall corrugated cardboard these boxes are perfect for surviving the knocks and bumps found in transit.

Delivered flat packed for easy storage and transport. All 6 carton and box sizes are internal mm and are available in packs of 15.

To ensure you have everything you need, why not look at our range of packaging tapes to ensure both ends of the box can be securely sealed. Or alternatively, why not look at our paper packaging to give your products some extra protection, or our tissue paper to give your smaller products a simple and stylish presentation when they arrive at their destination.

Order now online or call us on 0800 542 44 28 to speak directly to our packaging specialists.

Environmental information: RAJA cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable and corrugated cardboard has the highest recycling rates of any packaging in the UK. On average our boxes are made from 75% recycled fibres.