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Eco-responsible Postal Tubes

Padded envelopes - Perfect for protecting heavy items in the post

Sending products via post? Maximise protection for smaller items with our selection of padded envelopes.

Featuring bubble wrap or thick paper lining, our padded envelopes cushion your products to prevent damage during transit.

Plus, with macerated fibres that expand with use, our padded envelopes can accommodate heavy-duty items while absorbing any shocks along the way.

Padded envelopes designed for purpose

Designed to keep your items safe in the post, padded envelopes provide a durable and dependable solution to ship items with complete peace of mind.

For added security, our selection of padded envelopes include a peel and seal strip to keep contents in and impurities out.

What’s more, our padded envelopes feature a smooth outer surface to attach labels, document-enclosed envelopes, or to simply write upon in pen.

Padded envelope sizes to suit every item

With padded envelope sizes to suit all, discover a range of large and small padded envelopes for every product.

Made from 70% Kraft paper, ECOMLR padded envelopes are a sustainable way to ship your goods. Resilient, water-resistant, and recyclable, ECOMLR padded envelopes are a great eco-choice for any business.

Alternatively, check out our wave bag paper padded envelopes. Consisting of 2 layers of fully recyclable paper, make the switch to more sustainable shipping with small and large padded envelopes for your products.

A fan of Jiffy bags? Browse our padded self-seal Kraft Jiffy Green bags with a 100% recycled paper lining. Spanning across a range of sizes including A4 padded envelopes, Kraft Jiffy Green bags provide a simple way to ship heavy-duty items.

Prefer bubble wrap lining? Our gold bubble envelopes come in a range of padded envelope sizes to suit your items. Complete with a 65-micron bubble lining, our gold bubble envelopes are perfect for cushioning CDs, DVDs and more.

Every product is a priority with RAJA

As a business, we know your products are your top priority. And as your packaging partners, our priority is giving them the protection they deserve.

From robust cardboard boxes, bags, and envelopes, to protective packaging including bubble wrap, paper packaging and void fill, we’ve got everything you need to ship with confidence.

Browse our catalogue to start finding your perfect packaging solution today. Got a question? Speak to one of our packaging experts on 0800 542 4428 to find out more.

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