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Eco-responsible envelopes & postal tubes

Stock your business with our range of recycled envelopes, eco mailers and recycled postal tubes

During busy peak periods, it’s important make sure your business is well prepared. However, there is a frequently asked question that your customers will be asking: is it environmentally friendly? Ensuring you have eco-responsible packaging can be a huge factor to clinch a potential sale, or even just to build the reputation of your brand. At RAJA, we have plenty of packaging materials that will ensure your products reach their destination, while also helping you to be more kind to the environment.

Sustainable Shipping

What does it mean to buy recycled envelopes or biodegradable mailers? Products like these are normally made from recycled materials, meaning they’re made from used products. It’s an elegant solution that generates less waste. Eco padded envelopes, like our Self-Seal Kraft Jiffy Green Bags, are great examples of these. With an internal paper fibre lining that’s made from 100% recycled paper, they’re still strong to send products to safely. And when they’ve reached their destination, they can be recycled with ease.

If you’re looking to add a range of eco envelopes to your packaging, you could add biodegradable envelopes. Our range of E-commerce Kraft Paper Mailing Bags are perfectly suited for ecommerce and online businesses, and they’re made with no plastic components at all. By adding something simple like recycled brown paper envelopes to your business, you can easily reduce your company’s impact on the environment, which is a great thing to highlight to your customers. All our recycled brown envelopes are available in numerous sizes that are designed to suit various types of products. Even if you’re shipping bulky products such as clothing or soft furnishings, we have recycled paper mailers available to help, like our Gusseted Kraft Paper Mailing Bags.

Roll up, roll up!

If you’re looking to ship products where they need to arrive uncreased, like posters or maps, a postal tube ensures they retain their quality. Our Brown Cardboard Postal Tubes are recyclable and reusable, making them an ideal packaging solution for long items. Or why not look at our stackable Brown Triangular Boxes, which are great alternatives for busy workplaces when you need a guarantee that they’re on the shelves. Whichever style you choose, they are all made from at least 70% recycled material and are all recyclable. If you want more information on recycling envelopes and mailing bags we’ve got a handy guide for you.

You can count on us!

We understand that choosing the correct sustainable envelopes or recycled mailers can be a daunting task when you’re trying to do the right thing for the environment while ensuring safe and secure transport of your products.

That’s why RAJA has plenty of information and advice available to help you make the best packaging choice for your business. Have a look at how we decide what makes an eco-responsible product. Or alternatively, look at our blog on how to help make your business go green.

If you’re still struggling to find the right product, or just need some extra information, our packaging experts are on hand to answer all your questions. Get in touch now!

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