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Trays & Drawers

Robust desk organisation

Quickly and easily organise your desk with our range of A4 desk trays. Designed to hold all your important paperwork such as invoices, packing notes and other documents, you can maximise your desk space with a filing tray. Made with high-density polystyrene, they’re durable enough to survive the wear and tear of everyday use. That makes them perfect for not only office spaces, but also for desk areas in warehouses where they are more likely to be knocked and bumped.

Why do I need trays and drawers?

Organisation is key to any efficient business. When you’re dealing with high volumes of paperwork across your desk during the working day, our open top A4 letter trays are ideal for quickly filing away documents. Plus you can enjoy extra visibility of your contents when you need fast access.

Alternatively, you can give yourself some extra peace of mind with our A4 drawer units. Perfect for holding information that’s best kept confidential while also clearly separating and protecting paper. And for added security, the A4 document allow you to insert paperwork without opening the drawer.

You can count on us!

Admin is a vital task for any business. Ensuring that paperwork is properly managed by your colleagues helps businesses quickly store and locate information which is critical for tracking purposes. By utilising an A4 paper drawer or letter tray, you can both organise desks to reduce clutter, while also saving time and effort during peak periods by having a dedicated space to store your important documents like invoices or packing notes.

For more information, or if you would rather speak to one of our specialist, get in touch by calling 0800 542 44 28 to discuss how to make your office more efficient.

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