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Shrink and heat sealer machines

Protect and seal your products with our selection of heat sealers and shrink wrap machines

To enhance your product packaging and ensure the safety of your items, consider utilizing heat sealers and shrink wrap machines. These tools allow you to quickly wrap and cover your products, keeping them dust-free during storage, damage-free during transportation, and maintaining a touch-free environment on the shop floor. Whether you choose shrink wrap, layflat tubing, or plastic bags, incorporating semi-automatic or fully automatic shrink wrap machines and tabletop heat sealers can streamline your packaging process.

At RAJA, we offer a wide range of shrink machines and heat sealers to suit your business needs. When you purchase shrink wrap machines and heat sealers from us, you can have confidence in their quality as they come with a one-year warranty.

What equipment do you need?

Equipping your workplace with a high-speed shrink wrap heat sealer will save time on your packaging line and allow you to tightly wrap bulkier products and pallets with a puncture-resistant film. By applying heat, the plastic shrink wrap adheres closely to the contours of your items, enabling efficient coverage of even the most irregular shapes like furniture or ladders. Our industrial shrink wrap machines provide a long-term solution for effectively wrapping higher-value goods and items in your warehouse. If your business doesn't require constant shrink-wrapping but still desires a professional finish, our manual shrink wrap machines are cost-effective options for low volumes. For applying shrink wrap film to items and creating a secure protective layer, a hand-held shrink wrap machine may be all your business needs.

When it comes to efficient bag sealing or creating sealed plastic layers for smaller products, our hand-held and portable heat sealers are the perfect choice. Designed for maximum user convenience and efficiency, they create water-tight seams along plastic packaging. If you want to remove excess material from the newly formed polyethylene bag, consider using a heat sealer with a cutter for more accurate cutting. From impulse heat sealers to industrial kits, you can select the right product to suit your specific requirements.

Are there any additional needs?

Once you have the appropriate equipment in your workplace, you'll need materials to properly wrap your products. Explore our top-quality PVC shrink wrap, which works seamlessly with our machines. Alternatively, if you prefer a more manual approach, we offer a selection of shrink wrap rolls and pallet covers. At RAJA, we provide everything you need in one location, allowing you to conveniently purchase pre-made plastic bags or polythene layflat tubing along with your machinery.

We also stock spares and service kits to ensure your equipment maintains a high level of quality and longevity.

You can rely on us!

Whether you're in need of a portable shrink wrap machine or industrial-grade equipment, our packaging specialists are ready to assist you in finding the right product for your business.

For further advice and assistance, feel free to give us a call, and we'll be delighted to help you.

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