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Adhesive tape and hook and loop

Improve efficiency with high quality adhesive tape and hook and loop tape

Bond strong adhesive tape to a variety of materials to secure the packaging of your products. Or use reliable hook and loop tape again and again if you need a versatile product that can be regularly repositioned. Regardless of what you need, RAJA has a wide range of adhesive packing tapes and fixings to maximise workplace efficiency.

How do I decide?

When choosing a new self-adhesive tape (or ‘pressure sensitive tape’) for your business you should consider what you need to use them for. Are you trying to group your products together, or are you trying to ensure specific labels remain fixed onto your cartons and boxes? Considering your needs is the first step to ensuring you select the right product.

Double Sided Adhesive Tape – An ideal alternative to glue, our double sided tapes are ideal for eliminating both wastage and drying times. Resistant to ageing, UV, and temperature changes, our white or clear heavy duty tape options are ideal for use either externally or internally in areas such as cold storage. Able to quickly create a strong, durable bond to almost any surface quickly double adhesive tape is the perfect choice for sticking two items together, like cardboard and paper, or labels to your cartons and boxes. You can even use it to fix important signage to your warehouse shelving.

Transfer Tape - Our adhesive transfer tape will bond to everything from paper and plastics to leather, wood, and glass. Allowing you to eliminate the mess associated with glues, this quick drying sticky tape is perfect for create neat product swatches or sample cards. It may not be an industrial strength adhesive tape, but it is the perfect choice for any retail or ecommerce business that regularly sends picture frames or graphic art. If you’re dealing in higher volumes, you can use a handy dispenser to cut down on application times.

Hook and loop tape – This versatile packaging product is available in two types: coins or continuous rolls. Both offer rapid fixing and fast removal on clothing and fabrics, or paper and board. Commonly associated with the Velcro brand, and known as ‘hook and pile’ or ‘hook and loop fasteners’, this tape type is perfect for grouping together different products like wires and cables. An ideal alternative to nails and screws, all you need to do for application is ensure the surface is clean, stick down, and leave for 10 minutes for maximum efficiency.

The brand committed to you!

At RAJA, we’re dedicated to ensuring your business is a success. Whether you need an adhesive tape for packing and packaging products, or hook and loop tape for a more versatile solution, we have plenty of options to pick from. Order online easily by adding to your basket straight away. Or you can speak to our team of packaging experts by calling 0800 542 44 28 for specialist advice and guidance.

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