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Eco-responsible tape and strapping

Eco-responsible and secure cardboard box sealing

If you want to do your bit to promote sustainability whilst packaging your goods then look no further than our range of eco-responsible tapes!

Is there an ecological tape for wrapping gifts?

Ecological adhesive tape is a sustainable, recyclable alternative to conventional polypropylene and vinyl tapes. Our tough paper tapes are an essential part of packaging sustainably. Combine ecology tape with recyclable retail and gift packaging to create a complete eco-responsible packaging solution.

There’s no need to sacrifice ‘stickiness’ or strength to choose ecological adhesive tape either. Our range of eco-conscious paper tapes have a long-lasting natural adhesive that sticks strongly to any carton surface. With strong moisture and humidity resistance, our silicon free paper tapes make switching to greener packaging easy.

Choose from and gummed paper tape. Gummed paper tape is ideal for international shipping thanks to its resistance to the temperature changes that your packages are exposed to in transit. Activate the adhesive with water to form a tough seal to your carton. To dispense gummed tapes, use a gummed tape dispenser which automatically moistens and cuts the tape for you. For businesses dispensing large quantities of gummed tape, a lever operated gummed tape dispenser makes for quick packaging work.

Self-adhesive tape uses a lasting natural adhesive, meaning there’s no water needed to activate it. Its paper construction has other benefits too. It’s easy to tear by hand – no cutting needed. You can also write directly on to its surface, unlike traditional packaging tape. And, unlike plastic-backed tapes, it doesn’t turn brittle with age. Available pre-printed, with clear ‘Fragile’ warnings, paper tape is an essential layer of protection for your products.

And if you’re securing boxes, packaging gifts or decorating products, our 100% natural fibre sisal twine is completely recyclable. Our twine is built for strength too, with three twisted fibres giving it a breaking strain of 88 kg. If you’re buying in bulk, we have substantial discounts available, making planet-friendly tapes budget-friendly too.

How recyclable are these tapes?

Made from a recyclable paper backing and an equally recyclable natural rubber adhesive, paper tapes can be recycled along with the box. By saving your customers the hassle of peeling off plastic-based tapes before recycling, you’ll be helping to ensure that your packaging materials can carry on being useful after your business and customers are finished with them.

RAJA’s water-activated gummed paper tapes provide a tough seal that is resistant to temperature change, ideal for packages being exported. And just like our self-adhesive paper tapes they can be recycled with the box. Find out more about how to dispose of cardboard boxes correctly in our handy guide.

Strapping for securing pallet loads needs to be strong, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be sustainably sourced, and recyclable too. Our Kraft paper strapping is compatible with strapping machines, making it a simple swap from traditional strapping. Our paper strapping has a 55 kg braking strain, but if you need something stronger, we also supply polyester strapping made from 80% recycled material that’s twice as strong as conventional polypropylene strapping.

Want more inspiration to help you make the switch to greener packaging? You can find all of our eco-responsible packaging alternatives here. Or contact us directly on 0800 542 44 28 to speak to one of our packaging specialists for friendly expert advice.

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