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Masking & Paper Tape

All the high-quality masking and paper tape your business needs

Masking tape is a light adhesion paper tape that can be removed easily without leaving behind a sticky residue. It is heat, water and tear resistant, yet can be torn by hand. This multi-functional tape is commonly used as painters’ tape, for masking off when decorating to create sharp professional paint edges, but it has many other uses too. It can be painted over, unlike polypropylene or vinyl tapes, and is resistant to moisture. When using masking tape painting is quicker and simpler than trying to cut-in neatly yourself. It makes it easy to get a precise, professional finish.

Masking tape

Low tack masking tape is perfect for general use and light-duty applications, such as craft, bundling items and masking. Masking tape’s writeable surface means it can be used for labelling items too.

Our specialist 3MTM Scotch 301E masking tape is designed for use at high temperatures. It can be used up to 80 ˚C and still be removed easily. Resistant to heat, moisture, and solvent, it’s a higher-grade masking tape, suitable for the automotive trade.

Available in a range of pack sizes, including mini-packs perfect for small businesses, RAJA stocks a selection of masking tapes, with discounted prices for bulk orders. Alongside our masking tape, we stock a range of paper tapes, including gummed, self-adhesive, and brown paper tape.

Self-adhesive tape

Self-adhesive tape is quick to apply and can be torn by hand with no need for a tape dispenser.

Gummed paper tape

Gummed paper tape creates a strong hold once activated by water. It is best applied using a specialist gummed paper tape dispenser, which applies water and cuts the tape for you.

Hot melt brown paper tape

Hot melt tape is typically made with a plastic-based backing, but our brown paper tape version provides the same tough, lasting hold that’s perfect for packages in long term storage while cutting down on plastic waste.

Can masking tape and paper tape be recycled?

Paper tape, including self-adhesive tape and gummed tape, is made from recyclable materials (paper and a natural adhesive). This means that your business and your customers can easily recycle packaging boxes sealed with paper tape, as there is no need to remove the tape before recycling.

However, masking tape, which is made from crepe paper and a rubber adhesive, cannot be recycled. Although masking tape for decorating purposes is hard to beat, if you’re looking for a recyclable paper tape for labelling products then you could use one of our brown paper tapes instead. Our self-adhesive tape, for example, is easily torn by hand and has a writeable surface, making it a great recyclable masking tape alternative. Have a look at our blog for more information on the differences between paper tape and masking tape.

With a huge range of paper and masking tapes to choose from, our packaging specialists are on hand to help you find the right product for your business. Call 0800 542 44 28 for expert advice, or use the Live chat to connect with one of our team.

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