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Packaging tape

Seal and secure every time by picking the right packaging tape

Boasting various sizes, widths and colours, high-quality packaging tape from RAJA is worth sticking with.

What is packaging tape made of?

Packaging tape is made from a backing material and adhesive, but the type of material and adhesive used varies. The adhesive is applied to the backing material using a bonding agent. Although we often tend to focus on the strength and properties of the adhesive, it is the backing material that determines the tear-resistance, stretchability and appearance of packaging tape. This in turn determines what types of applications the tape is best suited to.

What types of adhesive tapes are there

Combine a cardboard box, void fill and packaging tape, and you’ve got the essentials you need for a huge range of warehouse, shipping and packaging operations. But have you considered what kind of tape is best for the job?

There are three main kinds of adhesive tape used for packaging: polypropylene tape, vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) tape and paper tapes. These names refer to the type of backing used that the adhesive is applied to. Less common kinds of tape include fabric tapes, such as cotton and viscose tapes, and metal tapes, such as aluminium adhesive tape. These are more commonly used in industry and construction, rather than packaging.

Polypropylene tape

Polypropylene tape is designed for sealing light to medium weight boxes during shipping and transit. The brown packaging tape most people are familiar with is usually polypropylene tape, although our more specialist strapping tape is constructed from high-strength polypropylene too.

Polypropylene tape is inexpensive, has high tear-resistance, a strong instant adhesion and is relatively transparent compared to other packaging tapes. It can lose some stickiness over time, however, which means it’s not suitable for items being sealed for storage. It can also be noisy to unroll, which can cause problematic workplace noise pollution. For smaller spaces, low noise, heavy duty polypropylene tape used with a low noise dispenser is ideal.

Vinyl tape

Vinyl tape (sometimes called PVC tape) is highly durable, as well as tear, moisture and temperature resistant. It is quiet to unroll, which can be a significant benefit at busy packing stations. Its adhesive is long lasting, making it ideal for packaging items for sealing medium to heavy cartons and for items in storage. Our double sided tape, floor marking tape and coloured tape are all types of vinyl tape.

Paper tape

Paper tape, such as our Kraft paper packaging tape, is constructed from a brown paper backing and a natural adhesive, making it completely recyclable. Paper tape is available in a variety of formats, all with different adhesive strengths and properties.

Can you use duct tape on packages?

It’s not a good idea to use duct tape on packages, as it doesn’t stick strongly enough to cardboard carton surfaces. This means it can unstick and leave your package open unexpectedly. Because duct taped packages aren’t secure, shipping companies won’t accept packages sealed with duct tape.

You can find more expert insight into packaging tape on our blog, but if you have a specific question you’d like answering, speak to our packaging specialists directly on 0800 542 44 28 who will be happy to help.

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