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For tough working environments

This heavy duty HPT50 tensioner is manufactured from high-cast aluminium with rubber grip handles to improve comfort during periods of longer usage. The tensioner features a six-point windlass for easy loading and brass bushings for an extended tool life. Suitable for use with 12 – 19mm polypropylene strapping. Can also be used to tension extruded polyester and corded polyester strapping.

The tensioner is part of a two-tool system, consisting of a sealer and a tensioner that allows strapping to be tensioned and sealed horizontally or vertically. Sealers sold separately. For sealers use either reference PSH12 for 12 mm strapping or reference PSH16 for 16 mm strapping.

Suitable for us in construction industries or heavy duty industrial applications. Designed for use with semi-open or closed metal seals.

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