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The two-tool option for your heavy duty strapping needs

This heavy duty two-tool polypropylene strapping system is the complete solution for your everyday strapping needs. The system comes with all the essentials you will need to set up and maintain an effective strapping operation. Perfect for storage as well as shipping, polypropylene hand strapping is resistant to abrasion and ageing and is an effective product for strapping and bundling all your light to medium weight products. This polypropylene strapping system allows you to use two tools when tensioning and sealing your strapping.

Versatility is a key benefit of a two-tool system as they can be used horizontally or vertically. This enables your strapping or bundling to be carried out on flat surfaces or even on awkwardly shaped products.

These strapping tools are also designed for heavier duty use, meaning they have increased durability and are ideal in environments where continuous usage is required. The crimped seal closure created by the polypropylene strapping sealer creates an effective seal on the strap, holding your strapping in place.

Kit contains:

2 coils of polypropylene strapping, core 55mm: See the table above

1 mobile polypropylene strapping dispenser: with includes a top storage tray for tools, inertia brake to prevent over runs and 2 x 4" wheels for mobility (ref: APT1)

1 heavy duty strapping sealer: (ref: PSH12)

1 heavy duty tensioner: (ref: HPT50)

2000 semi-open metal seals: (ref: A130)

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