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Ideal for heavier cartons and loads

Acquire everything you need to ensure you can properly strap heavy duty loads and cartons. For a complete solution to increase productivity, this polypropylene hand & machine strapping kit will help you maintain an effective strapping operation to reduce loading times. An effective product for strapping and bundling, our polypropylene hand and machine strapping is the perfect product to effectively bind your cartons and boxes. To save even more time when strapping products, the combination tool allows you to tension and seal your strapping in one go. Simply feed your 12mm polypropylene strapping through the tensioning mechanism and tension as required, place the semi-open metal seal, use the integrated sealer and create the perfect secure consignment.

Kit contains:

2 x coils of either MS40W (white) or MFC03 (blue) RAJA polypropylene machine strapping.

1 x Polypropylene strapping cardboard reel dispenser (ref: PMC80)

2000 x semi-open metal seals (ref: SO34)

1 x general use combination strapping tool (ref: B12)

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