Steel strapping tensioner and sealers

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  • Heavy duty tensioner for 13mm - 19mm steel strapping
  • Tensioner can be used both horizontally and vertically
  • 3 heavy duty sealers for 13, 16 or 19mm wide strap
  • For strapping heavy pallets, brick or timber packs
  • All feature rubber handle grips more
£ per toolQuantity  
tensioner for 13 - 19 mm strap 144.90
sealer for 13 mm strap 56.60
sealer for 16 mm strap 56.60
sealer for 19 mm strap 56.60
Detailed description

Tools for tensioning and sealing steel strapping

This steel strapping tensioner can be used both horizontally and vertically, making it suitable for any strapping application. The tensioner is suitable for 13-19 mm wide steel strapping. Use the tensioner with one of our steel strapping sealers. These sealers clinch metal seals to create a double notch fastening, ideal for heavy duty applications and for continuous use. The sealers can be used with 13mm, 16mm or 19 mm wide steel strapping. When choosing your steel strapping sealer be sure to choose the correct width corresponding to the width of your steel strapping.

1 year warranty.

Use snap on metal seals with steel strapping and steel strapping sealers refs: DNS13, DNS16 and DNS19.

Ref 401 is suitable for use with 13mm wide strapping. Ref 501 is suitable for use with 16mm wide strapping. Ref 601 is suitable for use with 19mm wide strapping. These steel strapping tools are recommended for heavy duty applications and construction industry use.

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