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  • Ribbon wound steel strapping
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Ribbon wound steel strapping

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  • High tensile strength and low elongation
  • Shear resistance for sharp or angled edges
  • Ribbon wound for easier handling
  • For heavy duty transport packaging
  • Sold and priced per coil
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Detailed description

Exceptionally strong and heavy duty

Steel strapping is exceptionally strong and heavy duty, making it ideal for securing heavy consignments with sharp angles. The steel strapping conforms to sharp edges and awkward shapes alike, meaning that this strapping is ideal for securing, storing and sending any irregular consignments. Steel strapping is used by building and construction industries for transporting bricks and concrete and for bundling pipes. Ribbon wound steel strapping coils contain less strapping than our oscillation wound steel strapping coils and weigh less, making them easier to handle for the low to medium volume user. The strap is wound so that each layer is on top of the one below meaning the width of the coil is the same as the width of the strapping.

This steel strapping has been designed with safety in mind. Use our range of steel strapping tools to create a secure seal and cut with one of our safety cutters to prevent the steel strapping from springing back when cut. The edges of the strapping are sheared and dressed for added safety. The steel strapping is painted black for rust resistance and is recyclable.

Our range of steel strapping has high breaking strains even at lower widths, making it ideal for all heavy duty and industrial applications. The 13mm width has a breaking strain of 550 kg, the 16mm width has a breaking strain of 710 kg and the 19mm width has a breaking strain of 840kg. Coil size: 300 mm internal diameter, 580 mm external diameter.

Sold and priced per coil

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Steel strapping on oscillation wound coils are also available.

Steel strapping seals and tools available: Snap on metal seals (refs: 401, 501 and 601) for use with separate tensioners and sealers (refs: FP, DNS13, DNS16 and DNS19).

Metal seals (refs: TLN13S, TLN16S and TLN19S) for use with combination tools (refs: TLN13 and TLN19).

Sealless tools (refs: QST13, QST16, QST19 and OHT13, OHT16 and OHT19) are easy to use and do not require separate metal seals.


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