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Protect and secure products during shipping with our robust foam blocks

When shipping furniture, electronics or glassware, foam blocks are essential for preventing costly damages. These unbreakable protective blocks secure your products in place by creating a robust barrier that will not scratch items. Our in-house experts can recommend the perfect packaging for your requirements to make sure your goods are not devalued during delivery.

Our reusable standard foam blocks hold their shape after several uses and are ideal for blocking and bracing medium weight items of almost any shape and size. Choose our large blocks to fill gaps around furniture or our antistatic foam blocks to dissipate electro-static charges around sensitive electronics. Our ‘egg box’ protective polyurethane foam liners are perfect for wrapping awkward shapes or if your items have vulnerable corners, protect them with self-adhesive foam pads.
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Antistatic foam blocks
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Standard foam blocks
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Self-adhesive foam blocks
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From £65.40 ex. VAT