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Foam blocks

Protect and secure your delicate products with our robust foam blocks

Properly protecting your vulnerable or high value products is essential to ensure they safely reach their destination. Stocking up on high density foam blocks is the ideal packaging solution for protecting furniture, electronics, glassware, and other fragile products. That makes them perfect for preventing costly damages. Our range of unbreakable blocks will securely keep items in place during transit while giving them a robust barrier. If you’re looking to retain the integrity of your items with products that won’t leave scratches or marks, then buying packing foam blocks could be the perfect choice.

Coming in various shapes and sizes, so you can add small or large foam blocks to your packaging repertoire – whichever suits your business. At RAJA, our hard foam blocks hold their shape after several uses and are ideal for blocking and bracing light to medium duty items. Our selection of standard foam blocks can easily fill the gaps around furniture products, which can help to prevent damage to corners. Or if you’re looking to save time, our pre-scored self-adhesive foam blocks stick permanently to the inside of your cartons and boxes while offering non-abrasive protection – simply snap off for added security.

Alternatively, if you’re regularly sending sensitive electronic items to your customers, like mobile phones or laptops, our antistatic foam blocks dissipate electro-static charges while remaining rigid and holding their shape even after several uses. When you have awkward shapes that need protecting, our flexible and shock resistant polyurethane foam liners are a great choice. Featuring a reusable ‘egg box’ design, it can easily cushion products from the frequent knocks and bumps of transit.

Ideal for stabilising your heavier products, a product like a standard polyethylene foam block is a great addition for almost any business. And unlike bubble wrap, you can cover your glass surfaces without worrying about marks.

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Choosing the right protection for your products is a vital decision. The most important factor, however, is what you are trying to protect. If you’re looking to keep the premium look of a polished surface shining after delivery, or if you’re sending larger electronic equipment, then foam packaging can be the ideal choice.

At RAJA have plenty of resources to advise what to know when you buy foam blocks. Our blog can you understand the different types of foam packaging. But if you just want a friendly voice to guide you to the right product, our in-house experts are on hand to recommend the perfect packaging to suit you and your requirements. Get in touch now to ensure your products are kept safe during delivery.

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Standard foam blocks
Standard foam blocks
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Self-adhesive foam blocks
Self-adhesive foam blocks
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Antistatic foam blocks
Antistatic foam blocks
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Protective polyurethane foam liners
Protective polyurethane foam liners
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