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Ideal for speedy dispensing of eco-friendly paper void fill

The FormPack Box is a cost-effective solution for dispensing small amounts of paper void fill for your packages. Perfect for filling and cushioning it is perfect for e-commerce businesses and any company that sends smaller shipments to their customers. A lightweight packaging solution, each FormPack box only weighs around 3.3kg. So it’s easy to move to different locations when you need to shift your packaging line, or if you’re replenishing a finished box.

Ready for immediate use, simply tear off the lid and pull out the desired amount of paper void fill you need to cushion your carton’s contents. The jagged edge that remains after the lid is removed acts as a cutting tool for your paper, removing the need for additional aids like knives or scissors. To suit your needs, you can choose whether it stands vertically or sits horizontally on your table.

The paper itself is a perfect, eco-friendly alternative to plastic bubble wrap. Made from 100% recycled materials and is fully recyclable. That means that once you have finished with both box and paper roll, you simply dispose of it with your normal recycling. The tough 125gsm paper is perfect for use as an intermediate layer between your box and your products. The embossed material is extremely absorbent and is designed with extra padding. So it protects against knocks, bumps, and damp.

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