Waterproof Kraft union paper

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  • Moisture and water resistant barrier
  • Wrap and protect spare engineering parts
  • Ideal for lining export cases
  • Standard and reinforced grades available
  • Sold and priced per roll
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Detailed description

Ideal for export case lining

Waterproof Kraft union paper is high tear and puncture resistant. A bitumen layer provides a moisture and water resistant barrier when wrapped around your products. This paper is ideal for export case lining and wrapping and protecting spare parts.

There are two qualities of waterproof Kraft union paper available, standard has a bitumen layer between two sheets of Kraft paper and reinforced (Ref: PAG120) has a bitumen layer between two sheets of Kraft paper strengthened with a polyester mesh. There are also three grades of paper available.

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Sold and priced per roll.

Quantity Available as individual rolls. Take advantage of our order discounts when you buy5 or more rolls.

Size and shape options Each roll of waterproof Kraft union paper is 1000M long. There are 3 different widths, 3 grades of paper and 2 qualities, standard and reinforced.

Materials Our waterproof Kraft union paper rolls are made from either 2 sheets of Kraft paper witha bitumen layer (standard) or two layers of Kraft paper with a bitumen layer strengthened with a polyester mesh (reinforced).

Delivery information Delivered as individual rolls.

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