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Ranpak® WrapPak® Protector Paper

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  • For use with Ranpak® WrapPak® Protector converter
  • Thermal protection for ambient and chilled products
  • Pre-sized and pre-cut paper pads
  • Recyclable, renewable, biodegradable and FSC®-certified
  • Made from 70gsm virgin Kraft paper
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Detailed description

Sustainable and versatile paper void fill

Ranpak® WrapPak® Protector system paper is resilient, versatile, and eco-friendly. Used in conjunction with the Ranpak® WrapPak® Protector converter machine, the paper pads can be used for a wide range of applications. From box lining to thermal insulation, this innovative paper packaging option can help ensure your products reach their destination with their quality intact. The perfect one-stop solution to packaging products it is ideal for traditional and e-commerce businesses alike.

Designed to be an efficient and sustainable food packaging solution, this innovative and insulating paper is perfect for food prep companies. The Ranpak® Cold Chain product draw on the insulating power of paper. So you can use WrapPak® paper to ensure meal kits and fresh food packaging boxes are equipped with reliable temperature control while in transit. When properly placed into products the waved paper pads trap air and prevent heat conduction. That allows them to provide thermal protection for up to 48 hours. That means they essentially have the same thermal protection as plastic void fill. That means that any e-commerce business that sends ambient, chilled, or frozen goods to their customers will be well prepared. From pet food to fresh produce, these pads are perfect for packaging your products.

The fan folded paper, when converted into the 305mm wide pad by the Ranpak® WrapPak® Protector, doesn’t need to just be used for food packaging. Use the pads to interleave fragile products, or to fill the empty spaces in cartons to block and brace contents from the rigours of transport. Or use the paper to wrap products and provide some extra protection to prevent damages. The flexible paper, designed with the innovative Ranpak® shape, absorbs shocks rather than simply transferring them. The waved paper pads will ‘feather’ with your products, allowing them to keep them safe.

An excellent food delivery packaging alternative to plastic, and ideal if you are looking to improve your business’ sustainability credentials. Manufactured from 100% FSC® certified paper, WrapPak® paper is fully recyclable, while being suitable for curbside recycling. That makes the pads an excellent eco-friendly food packaging and paper void fill packaging solution. That means that both you and your customers can easily dispose of the product when it is no longer needed or damaged. Plus it is biodegradable insulated packaging paper. That means that it will biodegrade in only a number of weeks. So you can protect your products without harming the planet.

Order online now or call us on 0800 542 4428 to add reliable paper void fill to your packaging. Whether you need insulated packaging for food or wish to keep costs down by using less material, the Ranpak® WrapPak® Protector paper is the ideal choice.