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Detailed description

Inflatable product protection

Prepare products for transit using the Sealed Air® Fill-Air® machine air cushion film rolls. Manufactured from 50% recycled content, this lightweight air cushion packaging option are the perfect choice to ensure products arrive at their destination safely. As a result, air cushion void fill will save you money as you minimise customer complaints while reducing returns.

Air cushion rolls are lightweight and economical, taking up minimal floor space in a workplace. The ideal alternative to bulky loose-fill, air pillow cushions are an excellent packaging alternative for companies who send a high volume of packages regularly.

Sealed Air® Fill-Air® air cushions are made from an extremely durable film which maximise air retention. Engineered to withstand the rigours of transit, including temperature and pressure changes found in air transport. The air cushion rolls are recycle-ready: printed with the HDPE# 2 waste recycling stream code and able to be recycled in many locations.



Our product advice

Sealed Air® Fill-Air® machine air cushion film rolls are suitable with the Sealed Air® Fill-Air® Rocket™ void fill machine. For more information, call our sales team on 0800 146 26 46.