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Pallet dividers and edge protectors

Create export-ready pallets with our dividers and edge protectors.

How do I use a pallet divider or edge protector?

Pallet dividers are a low-cost way to divide, stack and protect your products. Strong yet lightweight, cardboard pallet dividers can be used to separate and stabilise palletised or packaged goods for transport. Pallet divider sheets allow you to create a neat, secure additional layer within a cardboard carton or packing box. Using pallet dividers to create multi-layer, pallet optimised boxes streamlines your picking and packing process, helping you get ready for export.

For exporting pallet loads of fragile items, sandwiching an anti-slip interleave sheet between each level of stacked items or cartons will ensure that movement is minimised in transit and your products reach their destination in perfect condition. Anti-slip sheets are also invaluable for use in wet-weather conditions, thanks to their water-resistant resin coating. Securing layers or bundles of items together using shrink wrap helps to cut down on movement, and protects your products from dust and moisture too.

Pallet layer pads can also be used between packaging layers and boxes, where their fibre board honeycomb structure absorbs shock and protects against impact. These pallet dividers are 80% lighter than chipboard and are ISPM 15 exempt – making your export process simpler and cheaper.

Using strapping is important to ensure pallet loads are stable during transit, but these can damage the edge of your packaging when tightened. Edge protectors prevent strapping from damaging your packaging, but also protect your palletised goods from both knocks and damage during handling.

Create export-ready pallets with our cardboard edge protectors. Pallet edge protectors add the strength and stability you need to prepare your pallets for export. From everyday cardboard edge protectors to premium moulded plastic profiles, edge protectors provide protection from dents, vibration, shocks and abrasion that might otherwise damage your products while they’re on the move.

Sea freight export often requires packaging with better moisture protection than other transport modes, due to the longer transport times and increased handling. Our moisture-resistant edge protectors keep their strength in moist and humid conditions, which also makes them ideal for protecting and stabilising unsteady pallet loads in cold stores and refrigerated or reefer containers. Wrapping palletised goods with stretch film is also a good idea to give an added layer of protection from dirt and bad weather.

Are Pallet dividers and edge protectors recyclable?

The cardboard pallet divider sheets and cardboard edge protectors we stock are 100% recyclable, giving you peace of mind that you are reducing your carbon footprint, while packing your items securely.

In addition, our anti-slip interleave sheets are both reusable and recyclable, helping you reduce your shipping costs. Our plastic profiles are manufactured from recycled polypropylene, and can be reused again and again, which is better for your budget and better for the planet.

Take advantage of our export packaging expertise – we can help you find the eco-responsible packaging that suits your budget and product’s needs.

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