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Shrink wrap

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Wrap awkward items in seconds with our protective shrink wrap

Shrink wrap is a practical, quick, and cost-effective solution for wrapping your products and pallets. Designed to fit closely to the contours of your products, you can cover almost any large or heavy-duty item, regardless of any awkward or complicated shapes. When done correctly, heavy duty shrink wrap can protect and cover anything from large bottles to furniture to ladders and hoses. If you’re preparing to transport or store large quantities on pallets, shrink wrap films are ideal for stabilising them beforehand.

Choose a type of roll to suit your needs. For problematic shapes, a continuous roll offers more complete coverage. Alternatively, you can use our pallet covers for your standard palletised goods. For extra utility, we also have a perforated, easy-tear option available which will save you valuable time in busier periods.

What is shrink wrap?

Despite their similarities, shrink wrap film is different from stretch film. When you heat shrink wrap, it tightens around whatever it’s surrounding. As a result, it adds an extra protective layer to keep away contaminants. Our high-quality plastic shrink wrap provides a waterproof and dust proof layer, which gives your products and goods extra security from the elements.

How do I use it?

How does an adhesive-free wrap cling and protect your products efficiently? By applying heat, the composition of the pre-stretched plastic material shifts, and as a result it shrinks. To achieve this, you need specialist wrapping equipment. At RAJA, we hold various shrink wrap heat guns, so you can quickly and effortlessly wrap your shaped items or pallet loads. For added convenience, every shrink wrap roll we stock is compatible with our shrink film guns.

Can you recycle it?

Recyclability is a major consideration for any eco-responsible workplace and shrink wrap can be the ideal choice. Provided your pallet shrink wrap hasn’t been used with any adhesives or been contaminated with food produce, you can recycle it. Once used and removed, all you need to do is ball it up and dispose. Although most local authorities can recycle low-density polyethylene, make sure you double check. If they don’t, there will normally be other locations that can help.

You can count on us!

Our packaging experts are here to help you source the right pallet protection. With multiple options, sizes, and thicknesses available, our specialists can help you make the right decision for your business.

Or if you want some extra information, look at our blog for more detail.

Do you know what you are looking for, but struggling to place your order? Have a look at our comprehensive FAQ section for more advice.

Product Advice Guide - Stretch Film Palletising
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Individual shrink wrap pallet covers
Up to 20% Off
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From  £2.80 ex. VAT
Shrink wrap pallet covers on a continuous roll
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From  £134.00 ex. VAT
Shrink wrap pallet covers perforated on a roll
Up to 20% Off
4 references
From  £2.55 ex. VAT
Extra wide shrink film rolls
Up to 20% Off
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From  £105.00 ex. VAT