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Shrink wrap

Wrap awkward items in seconds with our protective shrink wrap

What is Shrink Wrap?

Shrink wrap is a waterproof, tear resistant and dust-proof protective packaging that helps hold bundles of items together for transport and storage. Puncture proof and made from a tough plastic material, shrink wrap clings to your items and stabilises them on pallets, even for heavy or awkwardly shaped loads.

Although shrink wrap looks similar to stretch film, they are different materials and perform different roles. While both shrink wrap and stretch film protect and cling to items, once you heat shrink wrap, it tightens around the object, securing it regardless of shape. Stretch film can’t be heated and doesn’t shrink to fit products. When applied correctly, shrink wrap provides a puncture proof layer that shields products from external contaminants. Take a look at our blog for more information on how shrink wrap works.

Our shrink wrapping comes in a range of formats to suit your needs. Our continuous roll offers exceptional coverage for manually shrink wrapped items. For standardised palletised goods, adding a pallet cover is easy and gives your products maximum coverage. If you need something that will let you work faster during busier periods, we also stock shrink wrap in a perforated, easy-tear roll format to speed up packing times.

What tools do I need to use Shrink Wrap?

Once you’ve chosen the right shrink wrap for your application, you need to apply heat safely to seal the product using a specialist shrink wrap heat gun. Applying a heat gun to shrink wrap causes it to ‘shrink’ and create a seal around the object. It’s crucial that flames do not touch the shrink wrap, as it is highly flammable. Our shrink wrap equipment allows you to heat your shrink wrap quickly and safely.

It’s important to choose the appropriate shrink wrap machine for your needs. If you frequently shrink wrap multiple pallets per day, then it is a good idea to invest in a shrink wrap gun and trolley set. This shrink wrapping machine makes shrink wrapping your products light work, reducing fatigue when wrapping multiple pallets.

Is Shrink Wrap recyclable?

Recyclable packaging is an important part of any eco-responsible workplace. Our shrink wrap is made from low-density polyethylene, which can be recycled in most local authority areas provided it hasn’t been tainted with adhesives or used for food produce. As well as being recyclable, our shrink wrap is available in a 30% recycled content format, so you can do your bit for the environment while keeping your products secure.

Make sure you double check the rules in your area before disposing. If it isn’t accepted, there will normally be other locations that can help. Once removed, simply ball it up and dispose.

Our packaging experts are here to help you source the right pallet protection. With multiple options, sizes, and thicknesses available, our specialists can help you make the right decision for your business. Know what you are looking for, but struggling to place your order? Have a look at our comprehensive FAQ section for help and advice.

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