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Stretch film machines

Save time and money with our expert range of advanced stretch film machines

What is a stretch film machine?

A step on from manual film dispensing, automatic film dispensing with stretch film machines means you can wrap more than 15 pallets a day more vs. traditional manual methods. Whether your pallets are long, diversely shaped, fragile, or just regular pallet shapes and sizes, stretch film machines can wrap your load quickly, efficiently, and securely – ready for transit. At RAJA, we offer a machine to suit every business.

Why invest in a stretch film machine?

Economical – introducing a stretch film machine into your logistics and production process can really help to reduce the amount of stretch film you use, as the machines have automatic height sensors to gauge the amount of stretch film required. Due to their accuracy, you can be sure that each pallet is wrapped consistently compared with manual wrapping methods.

Ergonomic – wrap your pallets with ease, minimise physical exertion and improve your working environment. Incorporating a stretch wrap machine into your workplace helps to free up your warehouse operatives so they can get on with other important tasks like picking and packing goods.

High performance stretch film machines increase your productivity; you can wrap more than 15 pallets a day with stretch wrap machines vs. traditional manual versions. This means you can meet more order numbers per day, managing expectations and going the extra mile for your customers.

Protection – pallets are more well-protected thanks to a consistent film quality. There is little room for human error when operating a stretch film machine vs. manual dispensers which can vary according to the user.

What type of stretch film machine is right for my business?

The type of stretch film machine that is suitable for your business depends on your intentions. For example, we have machines for different volumes of pallets per day your business needs to wrap, there are also different machines for different pallet load types, such as irregularly shaped pallets. You can even shop with a broader idea in mind, for example: selecting the best machine for overall timesaving, and productivity optimisation.

By volume:

If you aim to wrap around 150 pallets per day, the Masterplat stretch wrap machine is a wise choice. However, if you want to wrap up to 200 pallets a day, the ROBOT S7 model is your best bet.

For larger business with more capacity, such as up to 250 pallets per day, the Masterplat stretch wrap machine or Ecowrap semi-automatic rotating arm wrap machine (for pallets up to 2m high) are the best options.

By pallet load type:

At RAJA, we know that pallet loads come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and we have a range of specially selected machines to suit your business needs. If pallets are long or diversely shaped, the ROBOT S7 machine is best, the high performance means it can wrap almost any size or shape pallet. If pallets are irregularly shaped, opt for the turntable stretch film wrapping machines.

By aim:

If your overall aim is to save time and optimise productivity, choose an automatic stretch film wrap machine from the great selection we have online.

For more advice, talk to our team of specialists on 0800 542 44 28, or use the live chat function.

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