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Make your business razor sharp with our cutters and knives

Knives and cutters are a must for everyday packaging. As you’d expect, we offer a comprehensive range of blades and accessories, including everything from classic retractable Stanley knives to disposable craft and packaging knives. So you’ll always find something to suit your budget.

Want a safer option? Go for our safety Stanley knives that automatically retract after every cut. Or for simple cutting, check out our industrial scissors with comfort grip handles. Ask our specialists about our ergonomic ceramic cutters that are 10 times sharper than steel, perfect for opening film sealed pallets, and get the cutters and knives you need delivered next day.
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Sheet cutter
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From £2.77 ex. VAT
Stanley knife blades
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Industrial scissors
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From £5.65 ex. VAT
Ceramic cutters
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Packaging knives
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