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Knives & Cutters

Make your business razor sharp with our cutters and knives

Our range of box cutters and utility knives come in a variety of innovative and ergonomic designs, suitable for both left- and right-hand users. Staying safe and free from injuries is always a priority in the workplace, so there are many features from manual to fully automatic blade retraction styles.

Cutters: for boxes and more

Box cutters typically have a concealed blade head with no exposure from sharp blade edges, for maximum safety when cutting hard-to-reach corners of boxes, packaging tape and strapping.

Can box cutter blades be replaced?

We offer blade refills which are compatible with Retractable and Springback Stanley Knives too so you can make a more economical choice.

For specialist requirements, hand-held mitre cutters can be used as trim snips, quadrant cutters or gasket shears, and come equipped with non-slip handles and angle markers for accurate trimming.

Other alternatives include soft-grip scissors with stainless steel blades, ergonomically designed for user comfort when cutting cardboard, paper, plastic strapping, and other materials for extended periods of time. With ambidextrous handles, the blades are made from a non-rusting material for long-lasting wear. Choose from small or large safety scissors from the cardboard boxes, they can also be used for trimming foam boards foam boards for insulation.

Utility knives on the other hand, have flat-edged, serrated blades, and are perfect for more heavy-duty applications. Used by electricians and other professionals, they can be used for cutting tricky fabrics such as wire mesh and PVC or trimming carpets. Choose from manual retraction or fully automatic retraction blades according to your needs. With heavy-duty solid handles, and concealed extendable blades, utility knives are a versatile option for many different office and warehouse applications.

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