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MARTOR® SECUNORM 500 Safety Knife

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Detailed description

Features automatic blade retraction

The MARTOR® SECUNORM 500 safety knife is the successor to the famous SECUNORM PROFI cutter but with enhanced features. The robust aluminium handle significantly improves handling and makes cutting even easier. And the slider can be operated from both sides which makes it ideal for both left handed or right handed operators which makes it perfect for all colleagues in the workplace. A useful tool in a busy work environment, the supplied anti-stab, round-tipped trapezoid blade can be turned once it has dulled, ready to be used again. Plus, the safety knife also features an intuitive operated blade change button. That makes switching out the blades easier than ever. No tools required.

Fitting comfortably in your hand, the MARTOR® SECUNORM 500 safety knife can cut through cardboard up to triple wall, tape, textiles, layers of foil or paper, yarn or cord and plastic strapping. The slider on the tool is non-slip soft-grip and, as soon as you take your thumb off the slide, the blade will retract into the handle.

Replacement blades are available from RAJA in packs of 10. See reference 65232.

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