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MARTOR® SECUNORM MIZAR trigger grip safety knife

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  • Efficient trigger and cut lever
  • Semi-automatic retraction blade, cutting depth 13 mm
  • Cuts double wall cardboard and some triple wall
  • Ergonomic; comfortable for left or right-handed use
  • Round-tipped anti-stab blade included
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safety knife
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Detailed description

For all normal cutting jobs

Instead of the usual slider feature on safety knives the MARTOR® SECUNORM MIZAR features a trigger grip and cut lever that releases the blade on demand. And as soon as you release the lever the blade disappears into the handle and stays there protecting you from cut injuries. The MARTOR® SECUNORM MIZAR trigger grip safety knife is incredibly versatile. It can cut single, double, and some triple ply, pieces of cardboard. If you are in the textile industry, the safety knife can cut textiles and similar materials like carpet, as well as paper, foil, or shrink and stretch wrap. That makes this semi-automatic safety knife the ideal warehouse companion for colleagues.

Featuring glass fibre reinforced plastic, the SECUNORM MIZAR safety knife is super strong and solid which makes it ideal for extended use. Plus, thanks to the multipurpose locking function the 3-in-1 safety lock allows you to safely change or rotate the blade to suit your needs. That makes it extremely easy to maximise the double-sided blade when one edge becomes dulled. For an added bonus, the cutter is ergonomically designed which makes it adaptable for both right and left-handed operators.

Replacement blades are available from RAJA in packs of 10. See reference 65232.

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