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Cut from anywhere with a 3-sided slider

The MARTOR® SECUPRO MAXISAFE safety knife has a glass fibre reinforced plastic handle which sits comfortably in your hand due to the curved shape of the knife’s back. The slider can be activated from either side or the top and is grooved for better grip. Perfect for left or right handed use. The cutter features fully automatic blade retraction, the blade withdraws into the handle the moment it leaves the material being cut, even when the slider is being held forward.

This general-purpose knife can cut from 3 different angles thanks to the 3-sided slider. Grooved for a better grip, you can use the knife from the right, the left, or even from above. Sharp and strong, it can easily cut all standard materials including triple-wall cardboard, adhesive tapes, felt, plastic strapping and layers of paper. A metal abrasion protection shield can be found on the underside of the knife head which helps to prevent any wear and tear to the knife as you use it. The round tipped anti-stab blade included can also be turned and used on the other side before replacing. There is also a handy lanyard hole so you can hang your knife from a work belt.

Replacement blades are available from RAJA in packs of 10. See reference 60099.

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