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Racking protection

Protect machinery and racking from accidental damage

Safeguard your racking systems from potential collision damage caused by forklift trucks or other equipment with our heavy-duty pallet racking protectors and protection barriers. Crafted from robust steel, these protectors offer exceptional durability and are well-suited for warehouses and industrial settings. They are available in high-visibility colors such as yellow, black, or a combination of both, ensuring clear warning signals for potential hazards.

Additionally, our pedestrian safety barriers serve as reliable solutions for segregating work areas, effectively dividing manufacturing or production zones from walkways, or safeguarding entrances and exits. These flexible systems can be deployed as individual units or arranged in long runs to meet your specific needs.

If you seek guidance or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at 0800 542 44 28. Our experts are here to assist you in optimising safety and protection for your workplace.

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