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Barrier Control

Mark out no-access areas or clearly direct crowds with a variety of barriers

Our barriers are perfect for when your business needs assistance in keeping people safe. Crowd control barriers, or more commonly known as pedestrian barriers are the perfect markers to stop unauthorised people from walking in unsafe areas, or to direct them in a certain way. Crowd barriers can give quick, temporary solutions when you need them most. At RAJA, we hold numerous types of barriers, so you can find something for almost any situation.

What type of barrier should I use?

As with any product, you should determine first what you would need them for. However, rather than products as with packaging materials, it is instead based on the type of crowd you would expect. By setting up warehouse pedestrian barriers properly you can protect your workforce and any visitors to the workplace.

If you’re looking to establish a robust queue system for a public gathering, the barrier can potentially see a lot of traffic. Our steel crowd barriers can offer something more heavy duty for an increase in footfall. Manufactured from galvanised steel, these barriers are designed to last longer. With a low profile and moveable feet, they are unobtrusive and manoeuvrable making them perfect for quick adjustments for an influx of people. Or do you need something more lightweight to quickly mark out roadworks or hazardous areas? Then our blow moulded pedestrian safety barriers can erect and strong and stable boundary. Made from high density polyethylene, their bright colours make them more noticeable than simple steel barriers, and they don’t rust. Coupled with their a red/white graphic, they are an ideal solution to ward of no-entry zones.

When you need fast and reliable deployment, our expandable trellis barriers can be set up anywhere that needs entry rapidly denied. These folding pedestrian barriers can be picked up and moved around a warehouse or similar environment. Plus you can adjust to the width you need. With two sizes available, you can choose between either 3.6 or 4 metre widths. However, they’re still lightweight, with the wider only weighing 24kg.

What material should the barrier be?

There are some key differences between metal and plastic barriers. For instance, setting up a metal pedestrian protection barrier in a building site or places that may have machinery. They offer more resistance to their robust material, and are less likely to be damaged. Plastic barriers on the other hand are easier to move around so you can mark out unsafe areas.

Both material types are suitable for either internal or exterior settings, making them a versatile addition to your business.

You can count on us!

With a range of safety barriers to choose from, you can easily set them up in areas from warehouses to car parks. Check out our blog for more information on crowd safety barriers.

Or if you’d prefer to so speak to someone for more advice as to what barrier you might need in your workplace, or for a more detailed explanation as to some of the fencing features, why not contact our specialists. All you need to do let us know any questions you have so we can guide you to the right product.

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