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Cardboard boxes

Experts in cardboard boxes

Simple paperboard up to triple wall corrugated cardboard, whatever you need to package we have the perfect solution. Selecting the right cardboard box for your business will save you both time and money later down the line. With a huge range of high-quality storage and packing boxes, including both standard and bottle boxes, RAJA is ready to supply cardboard boxes to any business.

What are the best packaging boxes?

Selecting the best cardboard boxes for your products can be a challenge. A business that handles heavy duty machine parts will need different packaging than an e-commerce company that regularly sends products via courier or through the post. Identifying your requirements is the first step to ensuring you make the right decision.

Our useful guide below, covers some of our most popular cardboard boxes for different industries.

Single wall cardboard boxes: Manufactured from high quality corrugated cardboard, single wall boxes are perfect for light duty packaging and storage. These are the most economical solution, these standard cardboard boxes are ideal for buying in bulk and handling light packaging jobs.

Double wall cardboard boxes: Offering an additional corrugated layer to protect your products from knocks and bumps, double wall boxes are perfect for preventing damage while items are in transit. More resilient than their single wall counterparts, you can use these carton boxes for both packing and storage, as they are strong enough to be stacked.

Triple wall cardboard boxes: If your large cardboard box is set for a long-distance journey where temperature changes and knocks are likely, then triple wall boxes will offer the best results. The extra layer of corrugated cardboard absorbs more threats to heavy or fragile items, helping to ensure it reaches the destination safely no matter the travel.

Cardboard postal boxes: RAJA understands that getting a delivery to customers quickly is a priority for both e-commerce companies and traditional businesses. With a range of quick and easy postal boxes designed for easy assembly, you can have items ready fast with minimal effort.

Archive and removal boxes: Whether you’re filing documents or need dedicated boxes for when you’re moving to a new premises, these specialised cardboard boxes come in a range of sizes and are perfect temporary containers and storage boxes for valuable information or items.

You can also use our handy Box Selector to find the perfect size for you.

Can I customise my packaging?

At RAJA, we take pride in providing wholesale boxes to suit every packaging need your business might have. Whether you need a made to measure box or want a specialist printed design, we can accommodate with our Custom Packaging options. Get in touch now for a quote and let’s see what we can do together.

Can cardboard boxes be recycled?

Of course! For over 50 years we have been passionate about making sure the boxes we provide you are tough enough for your transportation and storage needs but are gentle on the environment. That’s why our eco-friendly large and small cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable and are made with at least 70% recycled materials. You can find out more about our Eco-responsible Products here!

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