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Polypropylene strapping

Strengthen pallets and parcels with versatile polypropylene strapping

Polypropylene strapping - Secure parcels and pallets with versatile strapping

Searching for an easy way to secure your products? Our polypropylene strapping has got you covered. From small parcels to large pallets, our polypropylene strapping offers a versatile solution that caters to all sizes.

Why choose polypropylene strapping?

A popular choice to keep parcels and pallets secure, polypropylene strapping provides a strong and sturdy plastic strapping that can withstand knocks, bumps, and scrapes.

What’s more, polypropylene strapping also contains corrosion resistant properties to ensure your products are safely stored, regardless of how long or far they have to travel.

How can you make strapping more efficient?

Does your business experience low production volumes? Our polypropylene hand strapping is supplied on a cardboard reel for flexible strapping as and when you need it.

Perfect for smaller pallets and everyday parcels, our portable polypropylene strapping kits include 750M of strapping for the next level in strapping solutions.

Need a solution that caters to high production volumes? Our choice of manual and automatic strapping machines is here to help. Speeding up the packaging process, our high performance automatic strapping machine dispenses up to 65 straps per minute to make it the ultimate choice for large-scale productions.

Should you choose a manual or automatic strapping machine, don’t forget to pair it with our polypropylene machine strapping. Designed to easily mould to different shapes and sizes, this strapping is available in a variety of colours to make your boxes easier to identify.

Make a great impression with RAJA

The way your products are packaged can be a big reflection of your business—so why not make a lasting impression with RAJA? With premium performance at the heart of all our products, RAJA’s packaging solutions represent your business at its best.

From the essentials, such as cardboard boxes and bags to protective packaging, strapping and much more, RAJA has everything you need to ship your products with confidence.

Browse our brochure to find out more about our comprehensive packaging solutions. Got a question? Contact our packaging experts for more information.

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