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  • Ranpak® RecyCold™ gel ice pack - 1
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Ranpak® RecyCold™ gel ice pack - 1
Ranpak® RecyCold™ gel ice pack - 2
Ranpak® RecyCold™ gel ice pack - 3
Ranpak® RecyCold™ gel ice pack - 4

Ranpak® RecyCold™ gel ice pack

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Detailed description

Plant and paper based paper thermal packaging solution.

Delight your customers with a completely unique unboxing experience whilst keeping your products perfectly chilled. Developed with a patented design, the Ranpak® RecyCold™ gel ice packs are made from FSC® certified paper and a plant-based gel which freezes at -2ºC. These paper-based ice packs are ideal for e-commerce businesses shipping food, meal kits, groceries, dog food or pharmaceuticals.

When frozen, the Ranpak® RecyCold™ will keep your products cool for up to 48 hours* in unconditioned transport, such as courier services. These cool packs are designed for use with Ranpak® WrapPak® Protector and Ranpak® WrapPak® Protector Paper and are available in three different sizes allowing you to tailor and regulate each package to perfection.

After use, the gel can be disposed of in the garden, sink, or bio-container.

Did you know you can also customise Ranpak® RecyCold™ gel ice packs with your business branding to complete the premium look of this product? Contact our customer services team on 0800 542 44 28 for more information.

Please download the full brouchure for full instructions on how to use and store your RecyCold Gel Packs under 'Technical specification'.

Technical specification

Our product advice

Always complete your package with a double or triple wall box, Ranpak® WrapPak® Protector Paper for insulation, and seal with the H-tape method for climate control.

What is the best cardboard box size to use with RecyCold™ ice gel packs?
Three optimal cardboard box sizes have been defined to use with RecyCold™ and the WrapPak® Protector paper, based on the fixed width of the liner (30cm). These are:

Small - Double/Triple wall
330 x 160 x 310 (1 layer)
370 x 220 x 310 (2 layers)

Medium - Double/Triple wall
350 x 330 x 310 (1 layer)
440 x 370 x 310 (2 layer)

Large - Double/Triple wall
500 x 330 x 310 (1 layer)
620 x 370 x 310 (2 layers)

These are optimal cardboard box sizes, however it is possible to work with different box sizes. To have the best thermal performance it is best to adjust the box sizes based on the fixed width of the WrapPak® Protector box liner (30cm). With a double-c configuration the width and height of the box are fixed, the length is variable. Another technique is the cross-method where the length and width of the box are fixed and the height is variable.

Our packaging specialists are here to help you with any questions so please give us a call for advice.

What tape should I use when sealing boxes that contain RecyCold™ packs?
Most good packaging tapes are suitable, including paper based tapes. We always advise H-taping your package so all joints are sealed preventing hot air entering the box / cold air leaving the box.

How do I store and freeze RecyCold™ Ice Gel Packs?
Store in a cool and dry environment. Do not overpack or overstack as this could cause the packs to burst. Packs need to be frozen until they are solid. Single packs usually take 24 hours, boxes and full pallets take 2-3 days. This is dependent on freezer capacity and temperature of arrival. Frozen, RecyCold™ can be stored for years. Unfrozen we advise to use within 3 - 6 months.

*Please follow recommended packaging guidelines to ensure correct thermal control for your shipment. Please download the technical specification for more information.

**Check with local authority.

Made from a food-safe and bio-degradable gel which freezes at -2ºC.

RecyCold™ is designed for single use applications however can be reused (please see guidelines).

For more information on Ranpak® RecyCold™ gel ice packs, call us on 0800 542 44 28 and speak to one of our packaging experts.