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Ranpak® WrapPak® Protector

Available to rent

  • For use with Ranpak® WrapPak® Protector paper
  • Converts fan-folded paper into 305mm wide pads
  • Fully programmable with multiple modes
  • Pads provide up to 48 hours of thermal protection for ambient, chilled and frozen food products
  • Available to rent from £65 per month
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Detailed description

One convertor for all your packaging needs

Add the Ranpak® WrapPak® Protector to your packing line for a versatile, productive, and cost-effective packaging solution. A space saving addition to any company that sends high-volumes of packages to customers, this paper void fill packaging machine is small enough to move around your workplace with ease. This innovative new converter supports box lining, wrapping, block and brace and even thermal insulation for Cold Chain products. Simply set it up near your packaging line or separately as a standalone machine. The machine takes your Ranpak® WrapPak® Protector paper and creates a resilient and shock-absorbing waved paper pad 305mm wide. This strong pad then “feathers” with the product, absorbing shocks instead of transferring them. By using the insulating power of paper, these pads are a one-stop packaging solution for food delivery packaging and food prep companies.

Fully programmable, the Ranpak® WrapPak® Protector can meet almost every operational need. Easy and intuitive to use, there are several production modes that can be used to create the required pad length and amount. That includes a foot pedal for on-demand manual production of individual pads, or an EDS setting that automatically creates a new pad once the last has been removed. If you want dedicated settings specific to your needs, you can also programme your own individual selection of pad lengths and quantities. So you can produce pre-cut and pre-sized pads that are ready to be placed in your food packaging boxes or to protect your contents.

Using sustainable Kraft paper packaging material, the WrapPak® Protector creates pads that are excellent for a variety of applications. Whether it’s producing box linings to help prevent damage, to thermal insulation when transporting fresh food and produce to your customers, these pads can ensure your products reach their destination safely. Once created they are fully recyclable and biodegradable, which means that customers can maintain their corporate sustainability responsibilities. Recommended for smaller production lines, the Ranpak® WrapPak® Protector can produce up to 100 packages per day, weighing up to 10kg.

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