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Stretch film

Securely wrap products and pallets with superior quality stretch film

What is stretch film?

Stretch film is a plastic film that is easy to wrap around palletised items to protect and secure them during storage or transit. Stretch wrap film also protects your packages from dust and moisture, ensuring your products reach their destination in perfect condition. Stretch film clings to itself, and is slightly different from shrink wrap, which needs heat to seal it around your products.

What types of stretch film do you sell?

Securely wrap products and pallets with superior quality stretch film. We offer a wide variety of different types, sizes and colours of stretch film, from hand stretch film rolls to blown stretch film. All kinds of stretch film help you to create a unit load on a pallet, and keeps your packages dry and dust-free. The different types of stretch film wrap are designed to meet different business and product needs.

  • Cast stretch film is crystal clear, tear resistant and will cling to both itself and products for a secure hold.
  • Blown stretch film offers strong tear and puncture resistance and is suitable for use in deep freeze storage. Blown film’s two way stretch gives it a stronger hold around pallet loads.
  • Coloured stretch film is useful for large warehouse operations, where you need to be able to identify the contents of palletised goods easily and quickly. It’s also used to distinguish food packages from non-food packages.
  • Black stretch film keeps valuable or sensitive products hidden from view for added security.
  • Both hand and machine stretch film keep pallet loads stable and secure, and protects from dust, dirt, and slippage. Machine stretch film is used alongside wrapping machines, while hand stretch film can be applied either using a dispenser or by hand.
  • Extended core stretch film’s extra-long core acts as a useful handle, which makes wrapping your pallet loads by hand easier and quicker.
  • Pre-stretched stretch film has been stretched during production, so you don’t need to use as much force when wrapping a pallet. It uses less film to wrap a pallet too.
  • Power Cast machine stretch film is available in a strong 35-micron thickness and is designed to secure irregularly shaped, protruding, sharp and heavy pallet loads.

Is Stretch Film recyclable

Most RAJA stretch film rolls are made from Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), which is recyclable in most local authorities. For eco-conscious businesses and customers, our Kraft paper pallet wrap rolls are the perfect alternative to plastic stretch film. Tear resistant and 100% recyclable, Kraft paper stretch wrap secures and protects your products and can be applied by hand.

We also stock stretch film made from recycled materials, such as our 80% recycled cast stretch film, and our 30% recycled content blown stretch film. You can also choose cast stretch film with a recyclable cardboard core.

Ready to get started with wrapping your products? Our experts can help you choose the right stretch film for your business, arrange next day delivery and help you get our best price.

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