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Stretch film and palletising

Secure pallets or products with stretch film and pallet wraps

Protect and secure all your products when they're on the move or sat in storage. Keep palletised equipment and items steady with stretch film or shrink wrap rolls. Our stretch wrap and stretch film equipment is ideal for wrapping products. Plus, they are available in different colours, strengths, and roll sizes. For companies that need to hold large quantities of products, our range of pallets can help. With different types of pallets for sale, you can find the right product to suit your export or delivery needs.

Stretch Film and Shrink Wrap

Keep a tight hold on products by using stretch film (or "stretch film wrap"). Easy to use by colleagues, stretch film tries to shrink down to its original size once wrapped. And with stretch wrap equipment, like hand-held dispensers, you can reduce the time to use. For higher volumes, our stretch wrap machines can help maximise productivity and save you more time.

If you’re willing to invest in dedicated equipment, shrink wrap is more cost effective in the long run. Once you add heat, it shrinks tightly around the contours of a product. So it minimises wastage and is perfect for awkward shapes like ladders. Both stretch film and shrink wrap add a dust-proof, water resistant plastic layer to your products. Check our blog for information on the differences between stretch film and stretch wrap.

Pallet products

Choose the best pallet for your business. Each pallet type have different advantages to suit your requirements. Wooden pallets are fully recyclable, stackable, and easy to dispose of. Paper carton pallets, on the other hand, are more environmentally friendly. Plus they are a great lightweight option when compared to wood and plastic. Plastic pallets are resistant for transporting chemicals and corrosive materials. Ideal for reuse and made from 100% recycled polypropylene. There is even a heavy duty option for heavier unit loads. Suitable for export, our shipping pallets can be used on lorries, boats, or planes. And they are available as either standard, euro, or half-euro pallets.

Pallet accessories

Utilise pallet stretch wrap and pallet stretch film to give products extra protection. However, if you need something more robust, our dedicated pallet accessories can help. Pallet boxes are ideal for surrounding pallet loads and providing extra security. To protect from bumps and shocks, divider sheets and layer pads are excellent options. By adding accessories to your pallets, you can ensure products reach their destination in one piece.

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