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Protection and security of packages and goods

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Protect and secure your e-commerce packages

Damages can be a major headache for anyone in e-commerce logistics. Three years ago, a survey found that 73% of online shoppers indicated that they would be unlikely to purchase from the company again after receiving a damaged item [Package Insight | Pregis]. To prevent all your sales and marketing efforts from going to waste (from online purchase to payment to a physical telephone sale) due to unsuitable or poor quality packaging, we have put together a section of our website focused on reducing the number of damaged goods (breakage rate) and parcel theft (parcel theft rate).

All ecommerce websites rely on their carriers and quantifying the actual rate of damaged packages is difficult. It is important to get a handle on it and make your logistics providers aware. Remember that you have control over the packaging you buy (or at least the ability to choose the right packaging supplier and implement a packaging quality charter). This allows you to control the rate of damaged goods to a degree. You should focus on protecting your goods through the quality of the outer layer of packaging and how you protect the contents of the parcel. To reduce the rate of damaged parcels, you will need to ensure that you use the correct amount of protective packaging and avoid it being too bulky; especially if your postage charges are based to an extent on weight. You could try using heavy-duty Kraft paper or bubble wrap packaging in thicknesses of 40 or 55 microns, for example. For heavy products, edge and corner protectors can be very effective. And finally the quality of the carton or box is vitally important. You could opt for a double wall or triple wall box depending on weight and distance the package needs to be transported (export / e-commerce transit).

The theft of your parcels is something that you have very little control over. Again, you have to have confidence in your transport and logistics provider, but there are ways that you can discourage thieving. We have a range of postal boxes which have an inter-locking flap closure system and tamper evident solutions to alert your customers when they receive their package. In terms of closure, there are several types of packaging tape that we offer that provide varying degrees of tackiness. Ask our Packaging Specialists to be sure to use the most suitable packaging tape for your parcel (e.g. some recycled cardboard boxes do not accept all types of parcel tape). You can trial gummed paper tape, which is becoming more and more popular in e-commerce. Some ecommerce companies use polypropylene strapping or polyester strapping. Again, depending on rates, your distribution channel and the type of shipping (Royal Mail, express delivery, international or domestic) our Packaging Specialists will find solutions for closing and securing your parcels in the most time and cost effective way. Finally, for fragile and / or high-value products, you should consider Shockwatch impact indicators. They allow you to empower your carrier and maintain your relationship with your customers.